Mabe is a Mexican company which has been manufacturing domestic appliances for
over 75 years . The company had 26.000 employees in 2023, having grown to be one
of Mexico’s biggest employers. Mabe is the market leader in domestic appliances Latin
America and North America. It is now one of the largest manufacturers of large domestic
appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and cookers which can be found in
stores from Argentina to Canada. The factory in Mexico is located in a region which is
enjoying rapid economic growth and where many high-tech manufacturers are based.
A large number of USA companies have established their high-tech production in this
region. In 1987 Mabe signed a strategic alliance with General Electric Appliances
(GE Appliances) to work together on the development and production of major domestic
appliances. The two companies opened a factory together in Celaya in Mexico in 2000.
Since then virtually all ‘No Frost’ refrigerators – such as side-by side, bottom freezers and
top freezers – for the US, European and the Middle East markets have been manufactured
in Mexico. iomabe was established in 2007 in order to bring together design and
functionality in the most important room in the house: the kitchen. The kitchen is more than
just a place to cook. It’s the place in the home where the best parties happen, where the
best conversations take place and where the finest memories are cooked

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