Avitana Plasma Technolgy

Creative, environmentally friendly, sustainable – in the realization of our AVITANA circulation filter systems, these three values have been particularly important. Whoever decides to use a plasma filter from AVITANA, is not only opting for fresh and purified air but also for the environment. Cooking fumes, cigarette smoke and many more – everyone knows the unpleasant smells we are exposed to every day.

aira plasma filters from AVITANA are the perfect solution because they not only remove unpleasant odors but also eliminate or ionize the pollutants and reduce them to their basic elements.  Especially for allergy sufferers this means a significant alleviation of allergic reactions. AVITANA circulation filter systems are designed to add value to indoor air quality. As we take the ecological aspect very seriously, we have only chosen components that are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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